So, you have made the decision to get a new roof for your home or business. Metal roofs are a quality investment of both your time and money, so ensuring you have the right roofers for the job is paramount. You need a qualified residential and commercial roofing replacement company in San Diego County. It is no accident that you have found us. Altek Roofing & Sheet Metal is San Diego County’s #1 metal roof replacement company. With decades of experience and an unparalleled customer satisfaction reputation, we are your metal roof replacement solution.

The Altek Metal Roof Replacement Difference

This is a project we want you to enjoy. We are in no hurry to just put any roof on your home or business. We care deeply about your experience throughout this process. Because of this, we take our time to go over all the available options for you and your home. Our team of roofing specialists will walk you through each step with open communication and full transparency. But please don’t confuse our focus on your experience as a reason that your project will drag past deadlines. Our decades of experience allow us to forecast your roofing project effectively so we can accurately manage our time to efficiently install your new roof. Our team of dedicated professionals work closely with your insurance to make this project as effortless for you as possible.

On-Site Fabrication

At Altek, we want to make sure each piece of metal roof is perfectly fabricated for its final destination. For this we use on-site fabrication. This service standard means so many great things for you.

  1. Portable roll formers save on packaging and freight costs. Those savings are passed on to you.
  2. Onsite fabrication allows complete control of your design by avoiding restrictions and limitations imposed by shipping companies.
  3. Onsite fabrication ensures quality control and eliminates the possibility of shipping damages to panels.
  4. And all of these factors reduce the most important factor…time. Time equals money and the time and money saved from onsite fabrication vs. ordering offsite materials is significant.

Do You Need Help With Your Roofing Installation & Replacement Project?

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