We provide custom fabrication for all your waterproof flashing needs. Drip-edge, coping cap, roof valleys, ridge cap, step flashing, reglet and more. Our break bends metal in 10’ lengths.

  • Cap Flashing
    – Parapet Wall Cap, Ridge Cap, Cover Plates, Splice Plates, and more.
  • Edge Metal Flashing
    – Baldy Cleat, Corner Guards, Cover Plates, Drip Edge, Gravel Stop. Hook Strip, Miters, Snap Edge, Splice Plates, and more.
  • Masonry Flashing
    – Drip Edge, End Dams, Miters, Parapet Wall Cap, Reglet, Through Wall, Windowsill Pan, Z Furring Channel, Chimney Flashing Kit, Cricket, Step Flashing, and more.
  • Roof Flashing
    – Chimney Flashing Kit, Cricket, Headwall, J Channel, Kick Out, Parapet Wall Cap, Rain Diverter, Ridge Cap, Reglet, Roof Valley, Skylight Flashing Kit, Step Flashing, Windowsill Pan, Z Channel, and more.
  • Valley Flashing
    – Valleys are a very important part of a well-designed roofing system. Whether for slate, shingle or metal roofing, valley flashing adds detail and helps to direct water.
    – These items can be fabricated in many different profiles. For example, in metal roofing systems, valleys are commonly fabricated with hems, but can also be fabricated without them, in which case they could still be used for metal roofing or any other type of roofing.

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